How to flirt with Girls – 10 Best Keys To Be Pro

Flirting gets a bad rap as trivial or manipulative, but when done right it’s playful banter that builds rapport and expresses romantic interest. Mastering flirtation is a valuable skill for making meaningful connections and landing dates.

This comprehensive guide breaks down how to flirt effectively for any personality type. You’ll learn flirting basics like sustaining eye contact, reading body language, and conversation starters. Plus tips for flirting through text, at work, and in long term relationships to keep the spark alive.

Let’s dig into the lighthearted art of flirtation and how to use it to connect, charm, and captivate.

What is Flrting?

Flrting is expressing romantic or sexual interest in someone through verbal and nonverbal cues like:

  • Lingering eye contact and smiling
  • Playful teasing and banter
  • Mirroring body language
  • Touching arms or shoulders
  • Compliments and attentiveness

Done tastefully, flirting helps you gauge compatibility and reciprocal interest. It’s not manipulation – authentic flirting fosters meaningful bonds.

Subtle flirting gives both parties a chance to reciprocate or politely decline. It invites rather than demands interest. Mastering these nuances results in enjoyable flirtatious exchanges.

flirting tips

Attributes of a Skillful Flrt

Before learning flirting techniques, develop the right mindset. Great flirts embody these traits:

Confidence – They initiate conversations firmly but casually.

Playfulness – They banter lightheartedly back and forth.

Attentiveness – They focus completely on the other person.

Wittiness – They inject humor and liveliness into interactions.

Friendliness – They make others feel immediately comfortable.

Positivity – They exude warmth and give compliments freely.

Cultivate these qualities that naturally inspire others to engage and reciprocate flrt

How to Flrt Successfully

Now let’s get into specific flrting tactics to draw someone in.

1. Hold Eye Contact

Prolonged (not creepy) eye contact signals attraction. Lock eyes briefly, smile, then glance away coyly. Holding eye contact triggers a visceral reaction – if they like you, they’ll blush.

2. Remember Details

Recalling small details about them like their hometown or sibling’s name makes them feel special. People love when you remember what they share. Jot down notes after dates to flatter them next time.

3. Find Touch Points

Establish things you have in common like hobbies, taste in music, sense of humor. Highlight these touch points to strengthen your connection.

4. Read Body Language

If they lean in, position themselves near you, or touch their neck or hair, they’re displaying signs of attraction. Mirror and match their body language subtly. If they’re closed off, retreat.

5. Compliment Intelligence

Say you admire their intellect or business savvy. Smart people are flattered when you praise their brains and talent, not just looks.

6. Use Playful Banter

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Tease them harmlessly about quirks. For example, joke about their abysmal taste in TV shows. Playful back-and-forth builds chemistry.

7. Get Their Opinion

People enjoy explaining things they know well. Ask them about subjects they’re passionate about – their career ambitions, favorite sports team, etc.

8. Break the Touch Barrier

Initiate subtle physical contact like squeezing their arm jokingly or touching their shoulder. If they don’t pull away, they’re comfortable with physical flirting.

9. Use Open Body Language

Face them directly with open posture. Avoid crossing arms or leaning away. Physical closeness and eye contact intensify

10. Laugh at Their Jokes

Genuine laughter makes people feel funny and confident – an attractive quality. Find humor in their wit to stroke their ego playfully.

The key is staying true to your personality. Try integrating a few of these techniques comfortably.

Fliring Successfully Based on Personality Type

Certain fliration strategies work better for some personality types than others. Determine your style:

Extroverts attract attention with high-energy wit and overt compliments. Initiate conversations and liven things up.

Introverts intrigue love interests by being selective with their attention. Subtle flirting excites their senses.

Thinkers entice using wordplay and intellect. They enjoy friendly debates and witty repartee.

Feelers empathize and ask thoughtful questions to form an emotional bond. Sweet sentiments melt their hearts.

Play to your strengths for authentic flirting that feels natural, not forced. An extrovert uncomfortable with silence should keep conversation flowing. Thoughtful introverts can forgo loud bars to have intimate chats over coffee.

When NOT to Flir

While flirting is mostly harmless fun, there are situations where it’s better not to initiate:

  • If they’re working and have to remain polite, like your barista or waitress. Don’t corner people at their jobs.
  • If they are clearly uninterested and closed off. Don’t force things and make them uncomfortable.
  • If you’re in a committed relationship. Respect those boundaries and avoid leading others on.
  • If there’s a major power imbalance, like with a manager or professor. Don’t abuse positions of authority.
  • If you sense they are underage. lirting must be between consenting adults.
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Err on the side of caution in ambiguous situations. The last thing you want is to flirt inappropriately and make someone feel harassed.

How to Flir Over Text and Online

Texting and online platforms like dating apps open new avenues for flir before dates. Here are some tips:

  • Be responsive. Reply in a timely manner instead of leaving them hanging.
  • Emojis and gifs help convey tone. Flirt using wink faces 😉, kisses 😘, or sassy gifs.
  • Include “haha” or “lol” to lighten the mood. But don’t overdo it or seem juvenile.
  • Tease gently about something in their bio or photos. Playful sarcasm done right is charming.
  • Notice patterns, like night owl or early bird texting habits. Sync up timing for prime flirting opportunities.
  • Compliment their intelligence and interests, not just appearance.
  • Don’t be overly sexual. Innuendo is fun but overt sexting too soon may turn them off.
  • When asking out, suggest specific days, times, places. Don’t say “Want to hang out sometime?”

Flirtatious texts build attraction so your upcoming date sizzles with chemistry.

Keep Flirting Alive in Long Term Relationships

Flirting shouldn’t end once you’re committed. Making your partner feel adored keeps the spark alive.

Reminisce about how you met – Recall fond memories of your first

Say what you find attractive – Compliment their smile, laugh and quirks often.

Initiate inside jokes – Silly private banter bonds you together.

Make eye contact a habit – Don’t just stare at phones in the same room.

Keep dating – Plan regular romantic outings away from home.

Be playful – Tickle, pillow fight, dance together. Playful touching thrills.

Surprise with sweet notes – Leave flirty letters for them to discover.

Whisper in their ear – Murmur flirty sentiments when embracing.

Don’t take your relationship for granted. Consistent flirting keeps passion burning hot.

Flir is an essential life skill with romantic, professional and social benefits. Initiate playful banter, read reactions, and reciprocate interest to form connections. With appropriate motives and techniques, the art of flirtation can enrich your interactions and love life!

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